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Barclay Curle: Ship-builder of Teviotdale.

Coming soon, details about Barclay Curle, ship-builder of the Teviotdale and many Clipper-Ships, Barques and other fine vessels.

Teviotdale 1876 - This type of 3-masted barque is more commonly known as a Clipper-Ship, much like the Cutty Sark. The Cutty Sark was built and launched about the same time.

To understand more about the life of a sailor and his daily duties, it may help to know the names given to various parts of a sailing ship.

A. Main Mast
B. Fore Mast
C. Aft Mast
D. Bowsprit
E. Mizzen Mast
R. Rigging, blocks and sheets
1-21. Sails or Canvas
a-g. Flag, colours and ensign

More info to follow shortly.....

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