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Contributors to the Teviotdale Clipper Ship website....

Here is where we would like to thanks all those persons and organisiations for thier help in providing current and historical information relating to the Teviotdale clipper ship and in the construction and development of the Teviotdale Clipper Ship 60444 website.

E&OE. We have undertaken a great deal of research in the construction of the story of the Teviotdale. Most of the evidence has been gained from old original documents, offical copies of certain documents, copies of old newspaper articles and old photographs both from within the family and received from contributors.  We hope that all the information within the Teviotdale Clipper ship web-site is true and accurate.  If however, you have any corrections or information about the Teviotdale Clipper Ship of 1876 (launched in1869) or any of it's 27 crew memebers, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact Stuart Jeknis via email at:
We will be back in touch with you shortly to discuss your comments.

Thanks to the following:
(summary below, more info on right)

Our chief graphic designer/web-site creator, photographer and design engineer, Robert Hughes of Robert Hughes Photography and Design. To read more about Robert, see next column. To visit his web-site go to: www.roberthughesphotography.co.uk

To our daughter Melanie Burgess for all the help with administration, organisation and accounts. To find out more about Melanie read the next column or to contact Melaine email her on: melanie.burgess@fsmail.net.

Our talented and creative maritime artists:

Bryan J Philips for the paintings of 'Scudding Along' and 'Burning Hulk'. To read more about Bryan see next column. To visit his web-site go to: www.stivescornwall.fsnet.co.uk

Howard Birchmore for the paintings of 'Becalmed in the Doldrums', Running the Eastern Down' and 'Fire on board the Teviotdale'. Also for the sketches of: Turtle beach, Shark and Longboat, Shark fishing, Spreading the Canvas, Sewing the bodybag and Rigging the canvas. To read more about Howard, see the next column or to visit his web-site go to: www.howardbirchmore.co.uk


Special thanks to Chris Calder, Chairperson of Tullibody History Group for providing the photo 'Pubilc Hall, Tullibody c1909'. Click HERE for a link to Tullibody History Group.  The Tullibody History Group have a new study room. To read more about Chris and the Tullibody History group visit: www.tullibodyhistorygroup.com

Cartography (map-making):
Terence Crump of the Cottage Studio for location and area map of Diego Garcia.  Terence produces meaasured building surveys, elvations, ground and floor plans, site maps, location maps and special interest maps.  Terence can be contacted by email at: terencecrump@btinternet.com or by calling 01425 655 352. The Cottage Studio is on Alderholt, Hampshire.

Finally, a really big THANK-YOU from Stuart to all the other un-named contributors who have been involved over the years in this project.

Stuart McEwen Jenkins. Sept 2015.




Contributor information and links.

Stuart Jenkins, the grandson of George Jenkins is the founder of the Teviotdale web-site. Stuart is actively looking for genealogy relating the George Jenkins, the Teviodale clipper ship of 1869 or any of the crew member. Stuart commissioned a series of paintings to be created in memory and in celebration of his family's maritime history.

Stuart Jenkins - Engineer and Entrepreneur, Grandson of George Jenkins.

Juliet Jenkins - Stuart wife and keen supporter of family history research.

Melanie Burgess (daughter of Stuart and Juliet) - Family History Researcher, Administration and Accounts.

Robert Hughes LBIPP LRPS MIET IEng - Digital Photographer, Graphic Designer and Design Engineer.

Robert is passionate about his photography and design.  At school, Robert studies physics, maths, and art & craft, clearly showing he was destined for a creative career.  On leaving school Robert studied engineering and received a top grade at HNC.  Robert is a member of the Institute of Enginering Technology and registered engineer (MIET-I.Eng).  Later Robert studied film and digital photography with the SEG and City and Guilds of London.  Robert is fully qualified photographer with the British Institue of Photography and the Royal Photographic Society (LBIPP/LRPS).

Contact Robert by email on: rohughes@aol.com or via his web-site: www.roberthughesphotography.co.uk or call the landline on 0118 9787 615 or mobile 0787 140 4749. Robert is based in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Bryan J Philips - Artist.

Bryan can be contact by email at this address:
bryan@stivescornwall.fsnet.co.uk or visit his web-site at: www.stivescornwall.fsnet.co.uk

Bryan Phillips says....

Cape Horn. A Place of Myth and Modern Legend.

In the 30 odd years I have been involved in marine art and the painting of both Clipper Ships and Tall Ships it has been difficult not to be drawn to indeed, fascinated, by Cape Horn.  This tiny mark on a chart has gained a notoriety that is well deserved as it is the graveyard of so many fine Clipper Ships smashed and pounded by the ferocious seas that are the hallmark of this terrible place.  No wonder then that it was approached by crews of Tall Ships with trepidation and Cape Horn fever was invented to describe those seamen who would refuse to sign on for a Clipper destined to round the Horn.

In maritime art the adventures of ships rounding the Horn has provided the marine artist with a wealth of subject matter as there have been almost unbelievable acts of courage by the Clipper crews as men and ship battled against the elements in a non stop contest that could easily last months.  There are also the weird and wonderful stories which strain belief. But more of these later.

Bryan Phillips' web-site is really worth a visit, here you will find an evocotive selection of clipper ship paintings and some very intersting accounts and facts about maritime history, especially the section on 'rounding the horn' on page 5.

Howard Birchmore - Artist.

Howard says...

LIGHT and WATER.  "When I paint I want the picture to strike a chord with the viewer.  I want to evoke that initial feeling I get after I've driven down from London and I step out of the car onto the beach or a secluded bit of coastline and I feel the fresh breeze on my face, the sun on my skin and the sand under my feet.  I like to think my artwork is 'canned' reality that can be experienced every time you look into the frame."

Howard Birchmore paints majestic seascapes from around the South West, infused with the essence of the age and history of the subject depicted.  His take on a traditional approach to landscape painting creates modern yet familiar images bathed in swathes of light.

As a child Howard liked to draw, it was a hobby just like any other. By the time he was eight years old his teacher had discovered his talent and often asked him to draw enlargements from sections of maps to use as teaching tools. By 12 years of age Howard had secured and completed his first commission.

An avid musician, the majority of Howard's twenties were spent playing music. Following the desire to reconnect with painting and wanting to continue his career in the creative industries Howard took an evening class studying illustration.  He took to sketching intricate drawings of engines and was eventually commissioned by British Rail.

From here, his career escalated; he became an Advertising Manager in Swindon and then moved into graphic design.

Eventually Howard decided to become a full time, professional artist.  "I got together a group of artists who I liked and whose artwork I admired and we made the decision to stage group exhibitions together".

Howard's work can be found in galleries and private collections throughout the UK and Europe, Australia and the USA.

Howards contact details:
Howard Birchmore, 238 Overdown Road, Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire. RG31 6PN
Tel: 01189 625656
Mob: 075991 44882
Email: howardbirchmore@hotmail.co.uk
Web: www.howardbirchmore.co.uk

Chris Calder - Tullibody History Group

Chris Calder says....
I had an email from a Canadian wanting to know where to go to see the Standing Stone of Tullibody.  Sadly, I had to reply that it is no longer there.  However, some correspondents, like Stuart Jenkins from West Sussex, open up whole new avenues of research for Mrs Clader and the history group members.   Stuart got in touch to find out more about his grandfather George Jenkins, customs superintendent at Alloa, who had given a lecture at the Tullibody Public Hall on 18th December 1909.  The lecture recalled how the coal ship he was on sailing from Dundee to Bombay caught fire and sank when the coal exploded.  Mr Jenkins and the crew rowed over 100 miles in three small open boats to the small South Pacific Island of Diego Garica, where they were stranded for 3 months.

Stuart was particularly interested in trying to track down a Mr A R Blair, a local man and a fine artist who created a series of pictures about the Teviotdale and its adventures.  From these pictures lantern slides were produced in London and were subsequently used by George Jenkins to illustrate his talk at the Public Hall.

In 2003, Tullibody were delighted to announce the opening of their own centre, The Tullibody Heritage Centre which can be found at Tullibody Civic Centre, Abercromby Place, Alloa FK10 2RS. Telephone 01259 211 791. The centre is open April-October, Saturday 2pm-4pm or by arrangement.
Tullibody History Group Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month between September and May. They are held in The Heritage Centre and start at 7.30pm. There is a nominal charge of £1.00 for members, £1.50 for guests.
Tea/coffee is served following the talk, and a donation is appreciated.
Please check before travelling to ensure the centre is open.

Contact Chris by email using: chriscalder@btintrnet.com or via Tullibody History Group at: www.tullibodyhistorygroup.com

© Stuart McEwen Jenkins