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Welcome to the Clipper Ship Teviotdale Website.

The Teviotdale Clipper Ship 60444 website is updated on a regular basis so do check back periodically to find out about our latest news.

If you have any information about the Teviotdale 1876 Clipper Ship that you think we may be interested to hear about or include on our web-site, in please contact us.

We would be delighted to hear from any descendants of crew-members who where on board the ship during its final, or any of its previous voyages. She had several captains over her short life, two we know of; Captain Nicol (officially logged at Wellington NZ, 26th August 1875) and Captain Robert Jones who set sail on 26th July 1876 from Camperdown Dock, Dundee.  This was to be the fateful and final voyage of the Teviotdale during which the ship was abandoned due to uncontrollable fire on board.

Call for help....(29th March 2020)

We have recently added our Contributors page, do take a look here and give us your feedback.

Help!  We are looking for your help in locating the descendants of a Scottish artist by the name of A. R. Blair.  He may have been a professional artist or indeed an amateur working is his spare time. Blair was probably from Tullibody or Alloa in Clackmannanshire, Scotland.  Blair was commissioned by George Jenkins to create a series of pictures to show the final voyage and adventures of the Teviotdale in 1876.  The pictures depicted various aspects of life on board the three-masted clipper ship during its passage around the world.  We know George Jenkins visited London to have 'lantern slides' created from them and George subsequently used these slides to give an illustrated talk to a packed audience in the Tullibody Public Hall on 18th December 1909.

Latest news....(29th March 2020)

As a result of the news of the publication of our book, w have been contacted by a long-lost distant family member to say that they are the proud owners of TWO of the original paintings for the Teviotdale by Mr A. R. Blair - what a find! We will bring you images of the paintings very soon.

We are also trying to track down the whereabouts of an original painting of the Teviotdale in 1872 by the Scottish artist Samuel H Fyfe.  There is evidence to show such a painting exists and it appears to be in the hands of a private collector.  The painting will show a 3-masted sailing ship, much like the clipper ship Cutty Sark, also built in 1869.  Please contact us if you can shed any like on this work of art.  The painting may be in Scotland or perhaps even further afield, who knows?


For all inquiries please contact:
and we will be back in touch with you shortly.

The inspirations for the creation of Teviotdale website are to tell the story about the George Jenkins and his ship. There are several charities that are important to the Jenkins family; to give credit to all the sailors and able-seamen who have served on board ships world-wide, for whatever purpose or reason over the last 150 years.

Supporting Muscular Dystrophy UK has been very important to the Jenkins family, since several members of the family over two generations have endured the effects of this heredity disease, Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. Visit the 'In Memoriam' page to read more about how it affected the Jenkins family members.

Visit the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society who have been supporting the needs of seafarers since 1839.  Click here to find out more about the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society.

Other supported charities include the RNLI and the Epilepsy Society.  All the charities we support raise much-needed funds for general needs and from time-to-time for specific campaigns.  The Royal National Lifeboat Institution exists for saving lives at sea.  Click here to find out more about the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Visit the In Memoriam Dedication page to read the dedication to the Jenkins family.

Maritime experiences
For many of us our ocean experience is that of a ferry-crossing, a yachting holiday or time spent on a cruise-ship. Rarely do we experience really bad weather, let alone perilous or life-threatening conditions as can be found in the great oceans.  It is times like these that the sailor or merchant seaman earns his 'salt' or worth.  We rely on professional sailors, skippers and masters with their experience, knowledge and skills to navigate vessels loaded with passengers and cargo a safe passage through stormy waters and into port.

A percentage of our profits from the sale of Teviotdale products will go to our approved and recognized charity or charities. Visit our charity fundraising page for more information on the charities we support and for links to each of the charities' own web-site.

A really big 'thank-you' to everyone who has made donations to our charities, either directly or by purchasing Teviotdale products. They really do need your continued support and all donations however large or small are gratefully received and go towards making the lives of those affected by disease or mis-fortune that little bit more tolerable.

Thank you, from Stuart.

This page was last updated 12th April 2020.

Teviotdale 'Running the Easting Down' in 1876

Teviotdale Prints and Book
Buy one or more Teviotdale 'Fine-Art' Giclee Reproduction Prints, choose from four of our commissioned paintings:

Image of Teviotdale

Click on an image to select your favorite scenario from the story. Select from: Scudding Along, In the Doldrums, Running Easting Down and Teviotdale on Fire!


Also: Book now available!

We are pleased to announce the publication of the story of the Teviotdale.  Here you will find a fascinating book giving a true account of a frightening shipwreck and an incredible human survival story from able-seaman George Jenkins.  George was just 20 years old when he was shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean along with 26 of his shipmates.  Read about the real adventures of sailors aboard ship on the high seas in the 1870's.

The book The Final Voyage is available on-line from Amazon Books Amazon.co.uk and other good bookshops such as: BookDepository, Blackwells, Waterstones and WHSmith.  The book is available in three forms: Paperback, hardback and as an e-book.

New book release ISBN's:
Paperback: 978-1-9160602-0-3 ssp £10.00
Hardback: 978-1-9160602-1-0 ssp £12.99
Kindle e-bk: 978-1-9160602-2-7 ssp £3.99


Currently we are supporting:

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Epilepsy Society


Shipwrecked Mariners' Society

Shipwrecked Mariners' Society


Royal National Lifeboat Institution

We hope to donate a percentage of the profits raised from the sale of Teviotdale products to our listed charities.

Other Charities

We may also support other charities and worthy causes and organizations from time-to-time. For more information on the full list of our currently supported charities, please visit our Charity Fundraising page.

We aim to donate a percentage of the profits raised from the sale of Teviotdale products to our supported charities.

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