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Teviotdale: Voyage Mission Statement

Extract from National Maritime Museum Articles

Our thanks go to the National Maritime Museum (NMM) in London, UK for information and articles of interest about the Teviotdale and it's Masters certificates. The National Maritime Museum is part of the Royal Museums of Greenwich (RMG).

The extract below is a transcript of the wording found in the log-book for the final voyage of the clipper ship Teviotdale.     Reproduced with the kind permission of RMG/NMM
      and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Mission Statement
The several persons whose names are hereto subscribed and whose descriptions are listed below are engaged as sailors and hereby agree to serve on the said ship, in the several capacities expressed against their respective names on a voyage from:

The Tay to Bombay and to any ports or places in the: East Indies, China, Arabian and Eastern Seas, West Indies, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, North and South America, The United States of America.  To and fro as circumstances permit for a period not exceeding three years and back to final port of discharge in the United Kingdom or on the Continent of Europe with power to call at any place for orders.

Signed by:
  Robert Jones on this 21st day of July 1876.

We will soon be adding digitized visual extracts from our copy of the original ships mission statement and crew list. Check on the home page for latest news. SMJ/ROH 9th April 2020.

We would be delighted to hear from any decendants of crew-members who where on board the ship during its final, or any of its previous voyages.  She had several captains over her short life, two we know of; Captain Nicol (officially logged at Wellington NZ, 26th August 1875) and Captain Robert Jones who set sail on 26th July 1876 from Camperdown Dock, Dundee.  This was to be the fateful and final voyage of the Teviotdale during which the ship was abandoned due to uncontrollable fire on board.

New pages....(29th March 2020)

We have recently added pages for Print Sales, and the recently published book.

Help!  We are looking for your help in locating the decendants of a Scottish artist by the name of A. R. Blair.

Latest news....(29th March 2020)

As a result of the news of the publication of our book, w have been contacted by a long-lost distant family member to say that they are the proud owners of TWO of the original paintings for the Teviotdale by Mr A. R. Blair - what a find! We will bring you images of the paintings very soon.


For all enquiries please contact:
and we will be back in touch with you shortly.

This page was last updated 12th April 2020.

The Teviotdale passing the Lizard, Cornwall in full sail on her way back to Dundee.

Teviotdale in full sail

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